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We started Austin Eats Food Tours with one goal in mind: to create uniquely curated culinary experiences showcasing Austin’s diverse & ever-expanding food scene that both locals and visitors alike will enjoy. Since 2011, we’ve been doing just that.

We design all of our tours to highlight the best dining Austin has to offer, from off-the-beaten path hidden gems to the city’s most sought-after reservations.

Austin natives tell us all the time that we introduced them to their new favorite restaurant, or helped them rediscover the neighborhood they’ve been living in for years. Visitors regularly comment that our tours show them the most authentic side of Austin.

Whether you’re in town for the first time or you’ve lived here since before Willie started playing Trigger, you’ll love tasting the genuine, quintessential flavors that make Austin such a unique & delicious place to call home.

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Long before we started this company, we were the people our friends would call for advice about where to eat out on date night. When houseguests came to stay, we always had a plan for our nights on the town, showing them all the awesome new restaurants that opened since they last visited.

Not long after we got married, we went on vacation to California and took our very first food tour. It was an amazing concept, but ironically we left feeling hungry! We also thought how odd it was that our own city, with arguably some of the best food in the country, did not yet have a food tour.

That’s when we looked at each other and knew we had the same idea.

We started small — a weekly walking tour of South Congress and a few private groups here and there. That was eight years ago. Just as the Austin restaurant scene has blown up on the national stage, we’ve grown along with it.

Since leading our first tours back in 2011, we’ve hosted thousands of groups, big and small; we’ve partnered with a growing list of nearly 100 outstanding restaurants, breweries, bars, and food trucks in town; and we’ve put more than $1.5M back into the local restaurant economy.

In all this time, we’re more passionate than ever about this weird, amazing, eclectic place we call home.

One thing has never changed: when you come on one of our tours, we want you to feel like you’re our welcomed guest, whether you’re a lifelong Austinite or a first-time visitor. Either way, we believe there’s a whole bunch of delicious for everyone to discover in Austin!

On behalf of the whole Austin Eats family, we look forward to meeting you, and we hope you enjoy the incredible food & hospitality our city has to offer!

And don’t forget to Come Hungry!

— Andy & Lindsey