Q: What should I bring on the tour?
A: Comfortable shoes, an appetite and gratuity for your tour guide if they rock.

Q: How is the best way to get to your tour starting points?
A: Parking suggestions are outlined in each of our tours but we recommend rideshare.  Lyft is our favorite option.  Download the Lyft app here and get $10 off your first ride!  Lyft Promo Code = AUSTINEATS

Q: Can I bring kids on the tour?
A: No offense, but kids are like pet grizzly bears- unpredictable. Teens are more volatile but we’ll give ’em a break. Tours ages 15+ please.

Q: Do you ever cancel tours?
A: It is rare but sometimes we merge tours if head count is super low.  We always want to provide an alternate choice if we have to cancel a tour.

Q: Do you need to be fit? Is it a lot of walking?
A: Walking distance for the South Congress & East Austin tour are around .75 miles. Unless you have a severe walking issue, let’s go! The other tours are via Bus or van with minimal walking distances.

Q: Should we have a light meal before the tour?
A: No, Everything’s bigger in TX and you will be eating the equivalent of a large meal.  You will get full.

Q: I have special dietary needs. Should I come on your tour?
A: The majority of our stops can be Pescetarian & Vegetarian friendly! Please email us at time of booking prior to your tour.

Q: Will we get to stop at Applebee’s or Olive Garden?
A: You should be ashamed of yourself.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: If a cancellation occurs within 48 hours of a tour, a $25 charge per guest will be assessed. No charge will be assessed for any cancellations in advance of 48 hours.

Q: What is your late policy?
A: The first portion of our tour is a meet and greet 15 minutes or so. This allows for any latecomers. After that I’m afraid the show must go on! (without you)

Q: In return for awesome tour-guide-ism & delicious food what can we do for you?
A: Thanks for asking. We love reviews on Tripadvisor & Yelp!  Also if your tour guide is super duper, throw them some gratuity love.  If Facebook Twitter & Instagram are your thing, tag us and follow us, we give away free tours every now and then!

Q: Do you cancel tours due to weather?
A: Please dress appropriately for the weather. We will continue tours unless severe weather hampers the tour. In that case you will receive a refund or a future tour.

Q: Can I book and pay for a tour from your site?
A: Yes, our site has the ability to book and also pay for your tour.

Q: Which restaurants do we visit on the tour?
A: We have over 80 local restaurants and food trailers that we work with.  Tours do change from time to time so we currently don’t list our lineup for each tour.  Besides where is the fun in that?